Anne McKenzie


 Anne has exhibited at RHS London  Art and Plant Show, The London Artisan, Handmade at Kew and Handmade in Britain - Chelsea, CRAFT - Olympia and The Byre Gallery, Cornwall.  Anne graduated from Goldsmith's London with a PG Dip in Art Therapy and has a Fine Art degree from Rhodes University.

The London Artisan

Autumn Gold

RHS London Art and Plant Show

Magnolia Quinquepeta  96 x 188 cm

Japonica banners

Summer Banners

Garden Sanctuary Panels

Silver Birch on Perspex at the Byre Gallery photo: Elaine Dye

Lily Bathroom Panels

6 Floating Leaves Panels each 30 x 145 cm

Anemone Kitchen Panels

Silver Birch Kozo Banners

Little Acer on Xue Shuan paper

Starburst Magnolia Screen